ATM – Air Traffic Management

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

A state-of-the-art extensive software suite intended for managing air traffic in the ACC, Oceanic, Approach, Terminal, & Tower environments.

Designed to be the primary tool for air traffic controllers (ATCO), the system is highly integrated while remaining minimalistic for an optimal Human-Machine Interface. Configurable with multi-radar tracking capabilities and a fully automated flight plan processing system, conflict alert, and electronic flight strips, the system is complemented by a full simulator for training and backup. Solid track record with deployments in Europe, North/South America, Africa and Asia.

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ILS – Instrument Landing System

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

The most modern Instrument Landing System on the market, SKYNAV ILS is a solid-state system based on cutting-edge digital design. Its Localizer and Glide Path subsystems transmit radio beams to provide pilots with vertical and horizontal guidance during precision runway approach and landing.

  • Configurable for CAT I, II or III and fully compliant with ICAO requirements
  • From 10 to 34 antenna elements options for various site requirements
  • Available in single or dual frequency modes
  • Enhanced Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) for detailed analysis of system status.

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DME – Distance Measuring Equipment

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

SKYNAV DME is ground-based transponder system that provides accurate slant range measurements to pilots by responding to the aircraft’s interrogations. A consistent design with the SKYNAV ILS, it offers the same unique advantages and uses the same remote control tools for a seamless interoperability.

Offered in different flavors to comply with the application needs:

  • Approach – low power 100 Watts for collocation with ILS.
  • EnRoute – high power 1000 Watts for collocation with CVOR and DVOR
  • StandAlone – for DME/DME network.

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ADS-B – Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

A base station receiver that decodes periodically broadcasted messages by the targets (aircrafts/drones/vehicules) containing position, altitude, velocity, callsign,… then generates status and position reports to Air Traffic Management applications.

The station’s ASTERIX data output is transmitted to Intelcan’s SKYCONTROL ATM, or any standard-compliant ATM, and is presented to controllers in a manner similar to the presentation of radar data but with higher precision.

The station offers unique cross-redundancy in the same chassis for easier deployment and highest continuity of service.
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DATIS – Digital Automatic Terminal Information System

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

A software product that collects, processes, and automatically broadcasts weather and safety-critical information to pilots about their airport departure/arrival conditions, thus automating the controller’s communication with the pilot in clear voice & text (datalink).

AMHS – Aeronautical Message Handling System

A software application to provide ground-ground text messaging such as NOTAM, Flight Plans or Meteorological Data. Suits the most complex requirements for airports with pure AMHS, pure AFTN, or mixed AMHS/AFTN environments.
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RCMS – Remote Control Monitoring System

Instrument Landing Systemsssss

A web-based software application offering airport maintenance personnel (ATSEP) with centralized monitoring capability of all of their mission-critical systems: NAVAIDS, Radars, Radios, MET systems, Servers/Workstations, Gensets/UPS, etc.

Highly visual and intuitive, it can be used on large-scale screen as well as tablet.

Legacy (non-IP) equipment can be easily integrated and monitored with the addition of available data acquisition and control units.
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