Intelcan has signed a contract to provide an ILS/DME for Cheddi Jagan International Airport’s in Timeri, Guyana.

Under this contract, Intelcan’s SKYNAV ILS N8000 (Instrument Landing System) and SKYNAV DME N9000 (Distance Measuring Equipment) will be installed by Intelcan’s own team of experts. To provide GCAA personnel with advanced control and monitoring capabilities for the new navigation aids, the SKYNAV RCMS (Remote Control and Monitoring System) including RCU (Remote Control Unit), RSU (Remote Status Unit) and RMM (Remote Maintenance and Monitoring) application will all be provided. SKYNAV ILS/DME/RCMS are the most modern navigational aids on the market and use leading edge technologies to ensure superior performance and long-term maintainability.

For the Glide Path system, Intelcan is supplying an End-Fire antenna from WATTS; a proven and unique technology for airports with challenging terrain and limited critical areas.

In order to maintain the reliability of the Localizer operation, Intelcan shall also supply a Sinking Monitoring System for the Localizer antenna array since the site is a newly filled land (part of the airport improvements). This solution continuously measures the depth of the sinking process and issues alarms should it reach a threshold dangerous to Localizer structure, and by consequence to the guidance signal in air.