After a very competitive tender process, Intelcan has been awarded a contract by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for the provision of 29 DMEs (Distance Measuring Equipment).

Intelcan will provide its market-leading SKYNAV DME N9000s in a high-power configuration (1000W) with omni-directional antennae.  The delivery includes the SKYNAV RCMS (Remote Control and Monitoring System). While Intelcan’s competitors provide navigation aids built upon decades-old technologies, SKYNAV uses modern technologies and achieve superior performance, reliability and maintainability.

“This is our largest single-order of DMEs thus far, and asserts our position in the industry as a one of the top NAVAIDS suppliers.”, said Ziad Nader, Intelcan’s VP R&D. “It demonstrates our manfacturing capabilities and the solid supply chain we’ve built.”

With the rapid adoption of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), the use of DMEs supports Required Navigation Performance (RNP) arrival and departure procedures.  RNP allows aircraft to fly more exact paths, including between two points in space. To do so, RNP requires aircraft to be GPS equipped, but if one or more aircraft loses GPS multiple DMEs can serve as back-up to allow RNP operations to continue.  SKYNAV DMEs will play a significant role in the further adoption of PBN and RNP around the world.