Intelcan has signed a contract for the supply of navigational aids to the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs of the Republic of Uganda.  Intelcan will supply a DVOR (Doppler VHF Omni Directional Range) with co-located DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) at Gulu Airport.

As part of the delivery, Intelcan will deploy its SKYNAV DME N9000 in a high-power configuration (1000W) with omni-directional antenna co-located with the DVOR.  To ensure an integrated environment for both Air Traffic Controllers and Engineering Staff to operate the DVOR and DME, the SKYNAV RCMS (Remote Control and Monitoring System) comprising RCU (Remote Control Unit), RSU (Remote Status Unit) and RMM (Remote Maintenance and Monitoring) will be provided.  The SKYNAV RCMS is capable of control and monitoring of not only Intelcan navigational aids, but also those of 3rd party manufacturers.

Gulu Airport is a civil and military airport in the Northern Region of Uganda and is one of five upcountry airports authorized to handle cross-border air traffic with neighboring countries.  This project is part of a major airport improvement effort intended to promote tourism within eastern Africa.